I have been a sportsman all of my life but as a teenager I particularly fell in love with cycling and became an athlete.

I loved the contrasts of that life, from the punishing training and strict diet to the freedom of being out alone in unknown places with

the thrill of racing down stunning landscapes on a knife-edge between precision and danger.


Because of this experience, I understand competitive athletes, what drives them and the emotion that can be evoked

in audiences who are passionate about their sports.


Living in Chamonix, the extreme sports capital of the world I regularly work with elite sports people

and leading brands in both film, photo and design.

Freelance Filmmaker, Art Director and Photographer based in Chamonix. I am passionate about producing short stories, working with fashion and luxury brands, capturing

the great outdoors and sports, creating music videos, documentaries and interviews, all whilst taking stills and bringing my advertising vision to connect with audiences.

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