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I grew up as an Art Director working

in advertising, surrounded by

a wonderful crowd of musicians, artists and writers in Warsaw.

My work then took me on a journey working with different European agencies and studios until I finally settled in Chamonix, France on the border of Italy and Switzerland. 

After years working as an Art Director, I decided one summer to use my still camera and make a film of family travels over a few long hot months. 


That process immediately ignited passion for filmmaking and turned my life upside down, driving me to drop Art and focus on Director. 

I conceptualise, write, direct and shoot. Some call me a hybrid, some a Swiss Army knife. But I simply love getting my hands dirty.


I thrive on creative ideas, working with talented people who share my passion for film, human stories and cinematic experiences.

Contact me

+33 784 16 78 51


Young Director Award @ Cannes Lions 2022 - Shortlist for EVA

Commercial reps



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