I grew up as an Art Director working in advertising, surrounded

by a wonderful crowd of musicians, artists and writers in Warsaw.

My work then took me on a journey working with different European agencies and studios until I finally settled in Chamonix, France on the border of Italy and Switzerland.

After years working as an Art Director, I decided one summer

to use my still camera and make a film of our travels over a few long hot months. The discovery of capturing moving images and turning them into an emotive story ignited a passion in me that turned me into

an overnight geek, spending hours discovering and testing equipment, trying new techniques, mixing music and writing.

I have now been fortunate enough to work with globally renowned clients such as Bvlgari, Bacardi, Honda, Millet, Olay, Katusha Sports, Swiss Tourism, L'Occitane, JTI… to name a few. 

But I'd rather tell your story...

Contact me -

+33 784 16 78 51